Cleaning house

What do you do when you really can’t go outside? With the ‘shelter in place’ for Covid-19, it gives me the opportunity to get to those things that have collected dust.

Late last year, my mother gave me a box of photos, my school year books, dad’s death certificate, and a bunch of random things like my karate medals. If you don’t know my mom, she’s somewhat a hoarder. Her home is uber clean/pristine, you wouldn’t know till you entered her garage. Stacks of boxes, clothes, new things and old…things that i’m sure she has a hard time of donating or throwing away due to ‘i might be able to use them’.

With time on my hands, i decided to pull that box open with the goal of digital scanning some pictures, sorting through things that could be discarded, and really passing some time.

Our last visit to my mom’s place, she asked me to send her a copy of a wedding picture that was in the box (pictured above). I found my grandmother’s passport indicating when they (my dad, grandmother, uncle) entered the country from Kagoshima, Japan and also a picture of my grandmother on my mom’s side that passed away when i was 2 or 3 years old (I really can’t remember her).

So much family history and memories in just that box and maybe my mom’s ‘i might be able to use them’…there’s more in her garage.

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Corona impact on Jurassic

I did keep my 6 feet of distance…

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Irresponsible usage of Facebook

About a week ago, I decided to stop checking Facebook.  Well…kind of.

About a year ago, i wanted too but felt compelled to check in on my ‘social network’.  I never had much to say or post, but somehow it defined a social responsibility to my ‘friends’.  To read and support their ramblings…to ‘like’ and participate in things that were beyond my usual normal grasp.  To be spammed by business ventures that I really didn’t care much about.

But somewhere along the line with privacy concerns and losing true sense of a personal ‘touch’, I stopped reading Facebook updates.  Though I may still log into Facebook chat and am grateful for contacts at my fingertips, I still wonder if my usage of Facebook is irresponsible?

Will Facebook change privacy settings?  Will my lack of involvement expose my network of so called ‘friends’?

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